Patriarchy, the tyrant in the World of male and female sexual identities

It is no news that the issue of sexual identities, sexual orientation and gender identity is becoming rampant by the day. There’s no such thing as freedom when it comes to gender identity and sexual orientation; hypocritical! While many individuals are now being judged based on their newly identified sexuality, some have been mailed by words attributed to patriarchy regarding the gender they choose to identify with. This is a plague, and it’s killing faster and spreading like wildfire. 

bisexual porn - Patriarchy, the tyrant in the World of male and female sexual identities

The journal published in the European Journal for Social Psychology reiterated that the erasure of male and female bisexuality is spreading, even among lesbians and gay men. Some of these individuals castigating these acts see bisexual porn videos and enjoy them but are too pusillanimous to admit it. There shouldn’t be any reason why males and females with different gender identities should feel ashamed or scared to stand up for their true selves. However, the World we live in as such has been bastardized that there’s no such thing as free will anymore. Freewill now works in the World of patriarchy where the men are allowed to do as they pleased and the women are being objectified. 

However, it should be noted that there are several research done to attest to claims that there are diverse sexual identities and their changes as one grows older. Nonetheless, most bullies have chosen not to believe these researches and a such nail every gay man and lesbian to the cross with their words and actions. 

How can I exploit my sexual identity? 

Knowing who you are and what you shouldn’t be a crime in a sane society. But ours seems not to be anymore. Nonetheless, you can adopt several ways to identify your sexuality and exploit it to the fullest. It’s no crime if you love bisexuals or being gay. Infact, if you find yourself seeing lots of bisexual porn or you find it amusing, then you should pay rapt attention to your sexual identity. As mentioned above, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you identifying as a bisexual. If it’s what makes you happy, go for it. 

Knowing what makes you happy is the only way to exploit your sexual identity fully. Because at the end of it all, nothing else matters other than your happiness. You don’t need to be afraid of who you are or what you are becoming. All you need do is ask yourself if that’s what makes you happy. If it is, then pursue it vigorously. If being a lesbian is where your happiness lies or being gay, pursues it. Your happiness should come first; that way, you can be sure your sexual identity is fully exploited. 

Most persons believe bisexuals are confused people; some even think they suffer low self-esteem, hence why they chose to be something they are not. This is a myth and a misconception! Bisexuals are not confused, and neither are they disoriented. The same way being straight is viewed as usual is how being a bisexual should be allowed. Patriarchy is the problem; patriarchy is the tyrant.