Ways to make sex more enjoyable while trying to conceive

Not every person indeed knows the right way to do sex, sex does not mean to enter in the main course and then finish after having done it. Sex should be something enjoyable that you and your partner feel happy and loved as well. You have to take care of your partner during intimacy, your partner must have enjoyed with you. If you want to sex with any experienced person then escorts are the best option for you. Escort girls have a lot of experience and they know how to please and make the other person satisfy. 

Escort services are easily accessible to everyone. You just have to visit the site and book escorts according to your choice. These are few ways which make sex more enjoyable to you:

  • Foreplay 

Almost every second person skip foreplay as they don’t know the value of foreplay. They just simply ignore it and jump to the main course which makes your partner feel bad. She may feel that you are selfish and just want to use her for sex. Foreplay includes kisses, soft touches, make your partner feel loved by playing and teasing her. Try to do all the things that turn on your partner and then slowly go to the main course and then end the process slowly. 

  • Pleasure 

You must have to try to focus on getting pleasure. Both partners have to take care of the pleasure of the other partner. The male should have to make the female feel loved, help her in getting the orgasm and enjoy in bed by having soft foreplay. In the same way, the female has to try her best to make the male feel loved, turn on him, and make him enjoy and get orgasm as well. 

  • Try something new 

If you do the same thing over and over again then it will make you feel boring. So you just have to try something new every single day. You can wear any new dress to turn on your partner, try any new pose with your partner or use sex toys to enhance your pleasure in the bed. You can watch porn for more new ideas try in bed. 

These are few points that you must have to try in bed as they will enhance your experience in bed. You can also read more articles or watch more videos that bring interest to your sexual life.