Wild fantasies of women

Understanding women is no walk in the park; it is more like walking through a tornado in the middle of Starbucks on a Sunday night. It makes no sense, right!! I don’t even know why I included the Sunday.

But there are fantasies of women that we can understand to show them some good time. Some of these can be a little troubling, while many will be pretty straight forward. They are just fantasies!! It is normal to have sex fantasies. Some of the most common misconceptions of women will be discussed here.

 For some, it could just be the addition of a sex toy like a vibrator. For others, it could be having a threesome depending on the individual and their need to remove the monotony and spice up their bedroom. From near sinful acts in public places to intimate encounters with the same sex or getting serviced by a big dick pornstar,the range is just never-ending.

  1. Being dominated

The act of not being in control and taken to the limits is thrilling. They know that your partner is in control and letting him work you up, seeking sensation that can only be felt when someone else is in command. The feeling of being treated insensitively brings out a level of pain and pleasure at the same time, this is what some women are after.

  1. Bondage

It takes not being in control of a whole new level. As you are tied down in various positions using ropes, you become submissive to your partner, and there’s something foreign about losing control over yourself that many find pleasurable.

  1. Having sex with someone who is out of bounds

Just like many men who fantasize about their teachers or bosses’ women to fantasize about experimenting with partners who are just near taboo. It could be a relative or like the men, their hot boss or maybe someone in a uniform. There’s this high of wanting to achieve something that’s out of our reach that many find desirable.

  1. Threesome or group sex

Consensual and fair polyamorous relationships are also what many fantasize about. As long as the needs are satisfied and it is safe, you can decide how many partners you want to have. This can result in ultimate sexual pleasure as you will have longer sessions of outright delectation. Different partners will add their own flavor to the mix, and unlike the adage “too many cooks spoil the broth” here the more generally means the merrier.

  1. Anal sex

It just takes away a lot of concern out of the equation, no worry about the pill, and all the chill. It can feel like a gift for your partner as these are uncharted waters waiting to tread. The feeling of being penetrated in a much tighter and smaller hole is clearly intense, and those who are up for an experience that is not usual they are into anal sex and its fantasies.

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